Bogside; Derry; Northern Ireland

Ireland: a laughable invasion plan

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 12:43

So, the Irish army planned to invade Northern Ireland 40 years ago to liberate Catholics. What happened to those emotional ties?

Richard Dunne

Villa hope to sign Dunne and offload Shorey, Everton line up Heitinga

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 12:11

Transfer Talk - 11am update: Defenders prove popular as Richard Dunne, Johnny Heitinga, Nicky Shorey and Danny Collins may move

Anger at EU light bulb ban

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 11:09

The traditional light bulb is being phased out in favour of low-energy alternatives – and that is making many consumers incandescent with rage

Gordon Brown wades into bonus controversy

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 10:07

The Prime Minister says City bonuses should be subject to “clawback” if deals go wrong

Lockerbie bombing

Cameron twists the knife as ‘special relationship’ comes under pressure

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 10:05

The Mole: The Lockerbie debacle has enabled the Tory leader to hit Brown where it hurts, writes our Westminster insider

Marouane Chamakh

Arsenal & West Ham fight over Chamakh; Man City want Bentley

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 09:56

Transfer Talk: The Moroccan striker has a choice of London clubs, while Mark Hughes offers the England winger a lifeline out of White Hart Lane

Disney to buy rival Marvel

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 09:16

The cartoon and theme park group is set to pay $4bn for Marvel Entertainment, owner of Spider-man and the X-Men

Phillip Garrido; Jaycee Dugard

Welcome to the boonies

Tue 1 Sep, AT 08:48 Charles Laurence

The discovery of Jaycee Lee Dugard and her abductor lifts the lid on the ‘other’ America – off the grid, down in the boondocks, where neighbours turn a blind eye

Juno; Ellen Page

Top 10 romcoms of all time

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 08:31

The First Post’s nominations for Top 10 romantic comedies - until ‘(500) Days’ came along...

(500) Days of Summer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt comes of age in romcom hit

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 08:02

Twenty years after ‘When Harry Met Sally’, the new romantic comedy ‘(500) Days of Summer’ is winning plaudits all round

Naomi Klein in the West Bank

Winterbottom doc a nasty shock for Naomi Klein

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 07:50

From No Logo to no credit: why Klein took her name off tonight's 'Shock Doctrine' documentary

Peter Fincham

Peter Fincham: looking good for C4

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 07:38

The TV exec who took the fall for the scandal over ‘A Year With the Queen’ could be the next boss of Channel 4

Lockerbie bombing

Deal or no deal? Politics behind the Lockerbie affair

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 01:00

THE FIRST POST BRIEFING: The UK and Scottish governments have released documents relating to the release of bomber Megrahi. So do they shed light on why he was freed?