Crunch time for Bordeaux 2008

News Thu 9 Apr, AT 12:29

The winemakers of Bordeaux can expect to sell next year's wine for only half the price they want, thanks to the credit crunch

Fifty Dead Men Walking

News Thu 9 Apr, AT 01:00

Thriller based on the story of IRA informant Martin McGartland

Tony Manero

News Thu 9 Apr, AT 01:00

A dark drama about a Chilean man obsessed with John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever

Confucius returns

News Thu 9 Apr, AT 01:00

China’s greatest thinker, long regarded as an enemy of Communism, is enjoying a state-sanctioned comeback

This Mini is cream of the crop

News Thu 9 Apr, AT 01:00

Cooper S version of drop-top storms Britain

Life without parole - a fate worse than the death penalty

Thu 9 Apr, AT 01:00 Alexander Cockburn

New Mexico is the latest US State to abolish the death penalty, but instead convicts are being locked away until they die, a fate that leaves them with far less chance of commutation

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is testing his American audience’s patience with date rape film

News Thu 9 Apr, AT 01:00

Has the biggest star in Hollywood blown it with his tasteless new comedy?