Why the working class dumped Labour and voted BNP

Column Mon 8 Jun, AT 18:09

The middle class hijack of Labour has led it to become liberal on immigration and law and order: issues the working class care about the most

House of Commons

Are British MPs underpaid?

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 14:57

If we paid our MPs as much as politicians are paid abroad, so it’s argued, then the expenses scandal could have been avoided

Sir Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar may be summoned by BBC

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 14:18

Gordon Brown’s new enterprise tsar must choose between politics and his TV career on The Apprentice, say the Tories

Omar Bongo

Is Gabon leader Omar Bongo dead?

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 13:53

There are conflicting reports about the health of the 73-year-old president of the central African republic

Samsung HMX-R10 camcorder

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 13:39

Great quality and resolution in a reasonably priced camcorder

People who rule the wine world

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 13:16

Wine critic Robert Parker and a Manga comic make Decanter's list of the movers and shakers in the world of wine

Lotus Evora: Elise-plus

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 12:31

The new Evora builds on the superb handling of the Elise

LDV reaches the end of the road

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 10:47

The Midlands vanmaker is expected to enter administration later today, with the possible loss of thousands of jobs

Xavi Xabi Alonso

Real Madrid fight for Xavi Alonso

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 10:23

New president Florentino Perez tries to unsettle the Liverpool midfielder by singing his praises to the ‘Times’ newspaper

Clive James

Clive James fingered?

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 09:48

Opera singer Anne Howells recalls her affair with a distinguished writer and critic called ‘Clyde’

Brown’s one last trick

News Mon 8 Jun, AT 09:33

The Mole: the PM will warn his backbench rebels that another election is the last thing they need, says our Westminster insider