Paris Match French troops taliban

French died after Italian troops paid off Taliban

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 16:38

Ten French soldiers were killed in Afghanistan after Italians used bribes to keep the region quiet

Italian soldiers in Herat, Afghanistan

Bribing the Taliban: the Italians have form

Thu 15 Oct, AT 16:34 Robert Fox

Robert Fox: They’ve been accused of doing this before – in Iraq and Somalia

Damien Hirst & skull

Hirst name loses sparkle as he tumbles down art list

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 15:51

First he was savaged by the critics, now the British artist is losing influence in the art world

Ralph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton

Ralph Lauren sorry for freakish Hamilton image

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 14:42

Model Filippa Hamilton’s head appeared larger than her waist in the badly photoshopped image

Penelope Cruz Liza Minelli

Cruz and Minnelli add sparkle to SATC

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 14:22

Stars both have cameos in the new Sex and the City film, currently being shot in Manhattan

David Beckham and Barack Obama

Becks man of match gong compared to Obama Nobel

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 14:09

David Beckham Man of the Match? You may as well give Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize

A trader watches the Dow Jones break the 10,000 mark

Dow passes 10,000 mark but no reason to celebrate

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 09:58

It means investors have made no overall profit from stocks since March 1999

Bumper bonuses are back for Goldman employees

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 09:57

Goldman Sachs’s European chief Michael Sherwood and his colleagues are in line for a fabulous payout

Jaycee Lee Dugard on the cover of People magazine

New photo shows Jaycee Dugard enjoying freedom

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 09:42

How Jaycee Lee Dugard appears to be recovering from her 18-year kidnapordeal in California

Bruce Wasserstein

Kraft-Cadbury deal hit by Wasserstein death

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 09:31

He was king of the deal-makers on Wall Street and also owned New York magazine


Maradona hits out at critics as Argentina qualify

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 09:13

The Argentinian manager has taken his team through to the World Cup despite being derided by his critics

Heath Ledger’s last role is not his greatest

News Thu 15 Oct, AT 08:01

FILM OF THE WEEK: Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus is an interesting curio for Ledger’s fans, but not much more