NME editor Krissi Murison

Krissi Murison becomes NME’s first woman editor

News Thu 30 Jul, AT 15:28

Murison says editing the world’s longest-running music weekly is ‘one of the all-time dream jobs’

Barack Obama

Obama faces mutiny, led by Clinton and Biden

Thu 30 Jul, AT 15:09 Alexander Cockburn

The new President has squandered his one chance to bring real change to foreign policy making the US’s strategy just as hawkish as it was under Bush

Prince Charles RIBA

Waitrose to buy Prince Charles food range

News Thu 30 Jul, AT 14:18

The supermarket chain is to buy Duchy Originals, the expensive organic food range which has been hit by the recession

Lubna Hussein

Sudanese woman faces 40 lashes

News Thu 30 Jul, AT 13:24

Lubna Hussein gives up UN protection to make a stand on behalf of Sudan's oppressed women

Rorschach inkblot test

Psychologists rage over online Rorschach test

News Thu 30 Jul, AT 13:24

Psychologists say Wikipedia’s publication of the Rorschach inkblots will reduce its effectiveness in dignosing patients

Shell quarterly profits slide

News Thu 30 Jul, AT 11:32

The oil major’s second quarter profits slumped by 70 per cent as the industry suffered a perfect storm


News Thu 30 Jul, AT 11:29

An amusing Gallic comedy about two teachers who love Latin dancing

Debbie Purdy Omar Puente assisted suicide

Assisted suicide: breakthrough day

Briefing Thu 30 Jul, AT 11:29

Right-to-die campaigners hail victory after law lords give an historic final judgment

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

News Thu 30 Jul, AT 11:28

A pacey remake of the 1974 crime thriller, starring John Travolta and Denzel Washington

Crossing Over

News Thu 30 Jul, AT 11:27

Harrison Ford plays an border control officer in this ensemble drama about immgrants struggling to get by in Los Angeles

Coco before Chanel

News Thu 30 Jul, AT 11:25

Audrey Tautou plays the hugely influential fashion designer Coco Chanel in an elegant and lavish biopic

Yahoo confirms deal with Microsoft

News Thu 30 Jul, AT 10:23

Alliance comes after two years of attempts by Microsoft to buy into its weaker rival's search business