Last Chance Harvey

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 13:00

Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman shine in a low-key romcom that passes the time

Terminator: Salvation

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 12:58

The apocalyptic man vs machines franchise is back with Christian Bale as the leader of the human resistance

Book review: The Morbid Age

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 12:31

Non-fiction: Richard Overy has written an intriguing study of British intellectual life in the interwar years as you might never have glimpsed it before

St Barts

This week’s dream: St Barts’ beautiful beaches

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 12:10

The glamour and hedonism bestowed on St Barts by the likes of Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes remains to this day

A doctor looks at patient's records

Sharing patient records would be ‘ethical but illegal’

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 11:18

The General Medical Council’s proposal to share hospital records for research purposes will contravene EU privacy laws, a data security expert says

Ravi Bopara

England must learn to fail better

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 10:43

Media comment: Samuel Beckett’s instruction could suit the national mood during the sporting summer

The Obama family

Obama girls fly to Paris

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 10:12

Another expensive private date, and this time it's a family affair

Gordon Brown fighting for his life

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 10:03

The Mole: Charles Clarke, Stephen Byers and Alan Milburn are rumoured to be behind the ‘go now’ email, says our Westminster insider

Finance experts question recovery

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 09:55

Leading City figures warn that the economic slowdown is a long way from being over - and the effects could last a decade

Morrisons announces soaring sales

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 09:35

The national supermarket chain reported that sales at the start of the year have come in well ahead of expectations

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is Forbes’s top star

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 09:15

The actress has knocked chat show host Oprah Winfrey off the top spot in the business magazine’s annual poll of Hollywood big-hitters

Phil Spector and his wife Rachelle

Media hoaxed by Phil Spector prank

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 08:48

The hoaxer posted on Twitter pretending to be the jailed music producer while he was imprisoned in Los Angeles county jail

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy at AF447 memorial service

Debate rages over fate of AF447

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 08:23

As French president Nicolas Sarkozy attends a memorial service for its victims, competing theories about Sunday’s crash still abound