The Stern family lawyer Marc Bonnant leaves the Geneva courthouse yesterday

Brossard found guilty of murdering French banker

News Thu 18 Jun, AT 13:52

Cecile Brossard’s lawyers were unable to convince the jury that she murdered Edouard Stern in a ‘crime of passion’


Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno comes out for premiere

News Thu 18 Jun, AT 13:15

Isla Fisher, Nigella Lawson and Sophie Ellis-Bextor in London’s Leicester Square for Bruno's UK debut

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

News Thu 18 Jun, AT 12:44

The robots in disguise return to battle for domination of planet earth, supported by Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox


News Thu 18 Jun, AT 12:42

Pop biopic charting the rise and fall of Sixties record producer Joe Meek


News Thu 18 Jun, AT 12:40

Oscar-nominated film about the Katyn massacre of 1940, in which thousands of Polish officers were executed by the Russians


News Thu 18 Jun, AT 12:27

Quirky rom-com study of generational misunderstanding

Expenses: the shocking denouement

News Thu 18 Jun, AT 10:14

The Mole: The official expenses release is so heavily censored MPs would have escaped criticism had it not been for the Telegraph, says our Westminster insider

Mousavi calls for day of mourning

News Thu 18 Jun, AT 09:43

Marchers are urged to wear black and attend mosque to remember those who died in Monday’s rally against the alleged election fraud

BoE at odds with Chancellor

News Thu 18 Jun, AT 09:43

In his annual Mansion House speech Mervyn King calls for greater financial regulation, in stark contrast to Alistair Darling


Jobless total leaps by 230,000

News Thu 18 Jun, AT 09:24

Government attacked as unemployment rate jumps to 7.2 per cent, the highest level for almost twelve years

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi in prostitution probe

News Thu 18 Jun, AT 09:24

TV showgirl and would-be Euro MP claims to have been offered €2,000 to attend a party at the PM's residence