French workers learn the benefits of ‘boss-napping’

News Tue 7 Apr, AT 01:00

Militants in France are taking revenge on 'fat cat' bosses by literally holding them to ransom, and the tactic is a hit with politicians and public alike

Obama’s Grand Tour: just don’t mention the genocide

News Tue 7 Apr, AT 01:00

The first major glitch in an otherwise near-perfect trip came when Obama started to lecture European leaders on Turkey’s wish to join the EU

L’Aquila a ‘ghost town’ as death toll passes 200

News Tue 7 Apr, AT 01:00

The death toll continues to rise, and more people are still missing, after an earthquake devastates the ancient city of L’Aquila in central Italy

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods on the comeback trail at the Augusta Masters

News Tue 7 Apr, AT 01:00

The world's greatest golfer is back from serious injury - just in time to give the sport a much needed boost and see off his young rivals

Nukes disarmament starts at home, ‘Bush-lite’ Obama

News Tue 7 Apr, AT 01:00

America’s Bush-era preaching to the world continues apace under Obama, exemplified by his approach to nuclear disarmament


News Tue 7 Apr, AT 01:00

Film adaptation of the best-selling novels by Stephanie Meyer stuffed with beautiful actors

Geoff Hoon joins the ‘easy living’ brigade

News Mon 6 Apr, AT 13:12

The former Defence Secretary claimed expenses on his country house and rent out his London home while living in a third property rent-free