Lakeview Terrace

News Thu 2 Apr, AT 13:19

A mixed-race couple try to cope with their curmudgeonly neighbour, Samuel L Jackson


News Thu 2 Apr, AT 13:19

Fernando Meirelles’s English-language adaptation of a novel by Nobel Prize-winner Jose Saramago

The Secret Life of Bees

News Thu 2 Apr, AT 13:18

Sentimental tale set in North Carolina in 1964 starring Jennifer Hudson and Dakota Fanning

The Boat That Rocked

News Thu 2 Apr, AT 13:16

Richard Curtis's ode to the rock'n'roll rebels of Radio Caroline starring Bill Nighy and Rhys Ifans

Obama and Medvedev aim to slash nuclear stockpiles

News Thu 2 Apr, AT 13:14

The G20 Summit in London sees the first signs of a thawing between Russia and the US as their leaders agree to open talks on nuclear arsenals

Modern Life

News Thu 2 Apr, AT 12:46

Raymond Depardon's reflective documentary on French farmlife

Women who excel at making wine

News Thu 2 Apr, AT 12:30

The female touch is contributing to some of France’s best wine production

Dubai faces hard times

News Thu 2 Apr, AT 12:26

Skyscraper construction projects are put on pause and expatriate workers are leaving in droves and leaving cars at airports: is the party over in the desert playground?

Monsters vs Aliens

News Thu 2 Apr, AT 11:48

Dreamworks’ latest film strikes a blow for girlpower via Reese Witherspoon’s Susan