Questions your Euro MP candidates don't want you to ask

Column Fri 29 May, AT 17:48

As the parties canvass for your vote ahead of the European elections on June 4, here are the questions that expose the contradictions of their policies

Pentagon prepares for cyberwar

News Fri 29 May, AT 16:48

Barack Obama to unveil new military command centre with a multi-million dollar budget to prepare for computer warfare

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan to play Doctor Who’s assistant

News Fri 29 May, AT 15:59

The 21-year-old will partner the latest Time Lord Matt Smith in the new BBC series

Malaria parasites develop resistance to drugs

News Fri 29 May, AT 15:36

Scientists fear the disease which kills one million people annually is showing evidence of resistance against the most effective medicines

Victoria Pendleton

Cyclist Pendleton strips off – again

News Fri 29 May, AT 15:24

The Olympic and world women's sprint champion is proving herself to be the glamour girl of cycling

Nicole Farhi

Nicole Farhi ‘strangled’ in robbery

News Fri 29 May, AT 14:40

The fashion designer was throttled until she blacked out in the 2008 attack, a court has heard

Laetitia Cash and Bill Cash

Tory star Laetitia Cash crashes to earth

News Fri 29 May, AT 14:28

The former It-girl daughter of Tory MP Bill Cash is likely to be dumped from David Cameron’s A-list of rising stars

HTC Magic: Google phone with extra tricks

News Fri 29 May, AT 12:39

The second Android phone has faster browsing, video recording and Bluetooth, as being lighter and thinner than the original

GM speeds towards bankruptcy

News Fri 29 May, AT 10:29

After a last-ditch agreement with its bondholders, the General Motors board will today sign off America's biggest-ever bankruptcy