Boris Johnson

Mayor Boris Johnson rides to woman’s rescue

News Wed 4 Nov, AT 06:14

‘He was my knight on a shining bicycle’ says Londoner threatened by gang of ‘feral kids’

Anthony Sowell; murder; Ohio

Mass murder in Ohio: how did police miss the signs?

News Wed 4 Nov, AT 06:02

Neighbours often complained of the stench – and Anthony Sowell was a registered sex offender

Lloyds and RBS

RBS and Lloyds break-up: What they’re saying

News Tue 3 Nov, AT 15:48

What commentators and politicians say about the break-up of bailed-out banks RBS and Lloyds

Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs

Ronnie Biggs angles for an Arsenal-Chelsea ticket

News Tue 3 Nov, AT 15:01

Great Train Robber escapes death and attempts his most audacious stunt yet

Dree Hemingway

Dree the latest Hemingway to model topless

News Tue 3 Nov, AT 13:39

Dree Hemingway also revealed she prefers F Scott Fitzgerald in a shoot and interview for V magazine

Kate Winslet

Winslet libel win strikes blow for normal women

News Tue 3 Nov, AT 12:46

Kate Winslet has accepted damages from the Daily Mail for an article that suggested she lied about her exercise regime

Marie Ndiaye; prix Goncourt

Marie Ndiaye wins the Prix Goncourt

News Tue 3 Nov, AT 11:43

Author becomes the first black woman to win French literature’s greatest award

Madeleine McCann

New McCann video ‘aimed at relative’ of kidnapper

News Tue 3 Nov, AT 11:24

Police hope a new video showing an image of an older, more tanned Madeleine will go viral on the internet

Czech court rules Lisbon Treaty can be signed

Tue 3 Nov, AT 09:43 The Mole

The Mole: Cameron must come up with an alternative to his ‘cast iron’ referendum promise


Western democracy is not what Afghanistan needs

Tue 3 Nov, AT 09:43 Robert Fox

‘Bottom-up’ tribal system would have been the best way to stop corruption

Gary McKinnon

Two drugs experts quit in nanny state clash

News Tue 3 Nov, AT 09:42

‘Collision’ over cannabis use comes as some American states consider legalising pot

Marijuana spliff

What they are saying about the sacking of Prof Nutt

News Tue 3 Nov, AT 09:42

Pick of the media comment on a fundamental clash of science and politics