Tom Hicks Jnr Snr

Hicks Jnr quits Liverpool board over abusive email

Mon 11 Jan, AT 12:50

American co-owner’s son stands down after branding supporter a ‘fuckface’

Jay Leno

Jay Leno dumped after 10pm experiment fails

Mon 11 Jan, AT 12:05

After prime-time Leno lets them down, will NBC’s Jerry Seinfeld project have legs?

Darren Fletcher

Arsenal and Manchester United slip up in the ice

Mon 11 Jan, AT 09:47

Chelsea are the big winners as weather plays havoc with Premier League fixtures

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods ‘back for the Masters’ says ex-coach

Mon 11 Jan, AT 08:35

His marriage is over but his golf isn’t, says Butch Harmon his coach for 10 years

Eric Cantona and Rachida Brakni

Critics await as Cantona prepares for stage role

Mon 11 Jan, AT 08:34

King Eric kicks off his theatrical career with a new play ‘laden with risks’

Gerry and Kate McCann

Madeleine detective plans to speak his mind in UK

Mon 11 Jan, AT 08:32

Goncalo Amaral invited to Britain by group who claim Maddie was never abducted

Angola Togo Cup of Nations Africa

10 things you need to know this Monday

Mon 11 Jan, AT 07:54

The First Post’s super-quick catch-up on the holiday talking points

Angola Togo Cup of Nations Africa

Togo players talk of ‘pool of blood’ as team pull out

Mon 11 Jan, AT 07:42

Some players wanted to stay for African Cup but Togo PM orders the squad home

Gherkin; City of London

Banks get round bonus tax to lure back staff

Mon 11 Jan, AT 07:26

Because banks are basically government guaranteed, it’s now a stable job again

Rupert Hamer

Reporter’s death shows war at crossroads

Mon 11 Jan, AT 06:54
Robert Fox

Six weeks ago, Marines boasted about the absence of Taliban in the very area where Hamer died

Gordon Brown Labour conference

‘Bonkers Brown’: Watt rekindles depression talk

Mon 11 Jan, AT 06:37
The Mole

The Mole: Devastating book by former Labour chief puts PM’s health back on the agenda

Eric Schmidt

Google CEO Schmidt slams bankers ahead of Davos

Mon 11 Jan, AT 06:36

Eric Schmidt will co-chair Davos summit along with senior financiers who may take issue with his ‘banker-bashing’


Avatar’s DGA nod sees Oscars race go mainstream

Fri 8 Jan, AT 17:03

Could 2010 be shaping up to be the year of the blockbuster?