Ken Lewis

Surprise as Ken Lewis quits Bank of America

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 14:19

After leading Bank of America into its financial woes, Ken Lewis finally resigns

Roman Polanski

Backlash grows against Polanski’s supporters

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 14:01

The French public and government has turned on the campaign for Polanski’s release

Map tectonic plates

Samoa, then Indonesia: are the earthquakes linked?

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 13:16

Samoa and Sumatra have suffered earthquakes within 16 hours of each other. Cause and effect, or terrible coincidence?

Barack Obama

John L Perry predicts a coup against Obama

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 13:03

US conservative news website Newsmax takes down the inflammatory post

Dennis Hopper; Eric Roberts

Dennis Hopper rushed to New York hospital

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 11:27

His arrival by ambulance at ER looked like a scene from ‘Blue Velvet’

Army of Crime: Virginie Ledoyen’s second chance?

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 11:26

FILM OF THE WEEK: WWII film gives The Beach star a second shot at Hollywood

True Blood

True Blood: why young women are lapping it up

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 11:26

The attraction of new vampire TV series True Blood

Gordon Brown

People vs papers: Brown and co have a point

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 09:53

The Mole: The public do listen when politicians have a chance to say their piece. Which means they’ll listen to Cameron too, says our Westminster insider

Fernando Alonso

Alonso signs for Ferrari as F1 merry-go-round begins

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 09:33

The Spaniard will team up with Felipe Massa next season as other drivers scramble for teams

Stan Kroenke Arsenal

Kroenke inches towards a takeover at Arsenal

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 09:32

The controversial American tycoon has upped his stake in the London club to 28.7 per cent as his battle with Alisher Usmanov hots up

Brooke Shields

Naked Brooke Shields photo removed from Tate

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 08:25

The actress will be pleased as she had tried in 1981 to retrieve the negatives and failed

Gherkin; City of London

Funds to flee London as banker pressure backfires

News Thu 1 Oct, AT 08:05

The British capital’s status as a premier banking and financial services centre is at risk