Writer sitting at laptop

Nine follies to avoid when writing your first novel

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 16:19

With half of every bookstore customer polled bent on writing a book, here's how to beat the competition to your first book deal

Michael Misick and Lisa Raye McCoy-Misick

Turks & Caicos ‘colonial’ graft probe

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 15:51

The flamboyant former Premier of the Turks and Caicos, Michael Misick, has called a probe into his property dealings on the island ‘modern-day colonialism’

Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood

BBC axes Robin Hood

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 14:15

The future of Saturday tea-time drama looks gloomy after Robin Hood follows two ITV series into oblivion

Nicholas van Hoogstraten

Van Hoogstraten beats porn charges

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 14:05

Notorious tycoon Nicholas van Hoogstraten has walked free from court in Zimbabwe after police botched their investigation

Andy Murray; Wimbledon

Terrier is Murray’s secret weapon

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 11:31

Mother Judy reveals what is behind this year’s calmer Andy Murray - a border terrier

JD Salinger

JD Salinger wins injunction

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 10:46

Swedish writer’s ‘sequel’ to ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ is blocked by New York judge

James Anderson

Anderson claims 5 wickets for England

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 10:18

The England fast bowler is on fine form for his country ahead of the Ashes opener against Australia in Cardiff next Wednesday

North sea oil rig

Rogue trader pushes up oil price

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 10:01

A dealer at a London brokerage has caused a spike of $2 in the price of crude oil, losing his firm $10m in unauthorised dealing

Michael Jackson's final rehearsal

Jackson’s ex ‘will prove she’s mother’

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 09:42

Debbie Rowe prepared to undergo DNA testing to dispel rumours about the star’s two elder children

Markets slide on US jobs data

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 09:31

After the latest unemployment figures in the US disappoint, markets react with steep falls on both sides of the Atlantic

John Bercow

Speaker Bercow breaks the rules

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 09:11

The Mole: The new Speaker has already fallen foul of his own ‘Commons first, media later’ edict, says our Westminster insider

Rupert Thorneloe

Taliban kill senior British officer

News Fri 3 Jul, AT 08:59

Lt Col Thorneloe is the first British commanding officer to be killed in action since Colonel 'H' Jones died in the Falklands

Honduras coup

Did Barack Obama know about the Honduras coup plot all along?

Fri 3 Jul, AT 08:50 Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn on the coup in Honduras, a traditional area of American and CIA influence