Cowell and Green to create global media conglomerate

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 15:51

A business union between Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green could see the pair take on powerful media players such as Sony BMG

Clint Dempsey; USA; Spain; soccer

USA shocks Spain at soccer

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 15:18

Americans stun the World No 1 side to make the Confederation Cup final, where they will face Brazil or the hosts South Africa

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq discovers Cavs move on Twitter

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 14:56

Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal has apparently found out about his transfer to Cleveland Cavaliers on Twitter

Mark Sanford

Gina Smith, ace reporter

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 14:28

How a South Carolina reporter hooked the wayward state governor at the airport – but then let him wriggle off

Rudo Y Cursi

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 13:58

Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna are brothers whose rivalry intensifies when they are picked up by big football teams in Mexico City

Sunshine Cleaning

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 13:30

US indie film with Emily Blunt and Amy Adams as chalk-and-cheese sisters who have to pull together to succeed

My Sister’s Keeper

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 13:14

Over-the-top melodrama about a 'saviour sibling' who takes her parents to court to free herself from her medical responsibilities to her dying sister

Year One

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 13:06

Jack Black and Michael Cera are exiled hunter gatherers gurning and wise-cracking their way through Biblical times

Gossip: Music for Men

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 12:43

Columbia £16.99

Thomas Ades: The Tempest

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 12:28

Cast and chorus of The Royal Opera House, EMI £22.99

Jenny and Mark Sanford

Only Jenny Sanford can save Governor

News Thu 25 Jun, AT 11:47

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s future depends on his wife after he was caught having an affair with ‘Maria’