Peter Fincham

Peter Fincham: looking good for C4

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 07:38

The TV exec who took the fall for the scandal over ‘A Year With the Queen’ could be the next boss of Channel 4

Lockerbie bombing

Deal or no deal? Politics behind the Lockerbie affair

News Tue 1 Sep, AT 01:00

THE FIRST POST BRIEFING: The UK and Scottish governments have released documents relating to the release of bomber Megrahi. So do they shed light on why he was freed?

City of London gherkin

What is the Tobin Tax?

Briefing Fri 28 Aug, AT 18:26

The FSA chief Lord Turner says a Tobin Tax could stabilise the financial system – and fund Third World development

The Wire and Midsomer Murders

Baltimore mayor’s attack on Grayling is a hoax

News Fri 28 Aug, AT 17:58

Labour blogger dupes news media in Britain and the US with a fake row over ‘The Wire’


New trailer sheds little light on DiCaprio film Inception

News Fri 28 Aug, AT 17:15

A year away from the release of his new sci-fi film Inception, Christopher Nolan has given little away in a new teaser trailer

Mervyn King; Adair Turner

What they are saying about Adair Turner

News Fri 28 Aug, AT 15:08

Lord Turner, head of the FSA, has dropped a bombshell - suggesting that a tax on City transactions would reduce bonuses and raise billions for the public good

Seinfeld; Larry David

Curb Your Enthusiasm hosts Seinfeld reunion

News Fri 28 Aug, AT 14:44

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David have teamed up again to pen an episode of the Nineties sitcom to appear as part of the new series of Curb

Dominick Dunne

Author Dominick Dunne dies at 83

News Fri 28 Aug, AT 13:14

The dapper Vanity Fair scribe has died in New York

Dell surges on growth forecast

News Fri 28 Aug, AT 11:33

Shares in computer-maker Dell leapt last night after it predicted a return to growth