Cape Verde

Walking in Cape Verde

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 13:51

Touristy Sal may be bleak and uninspiring, but Cape Verde’s lush mountainous islands are perfect for a walking holiday

Max Manus

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 13:18

Norwegian drama based on the true story of a resistance fighter in Nazi-occupied Oslo


News Thu 4 Jun, AT 13:11

A poor Dominican gets a chance to play baseball in the US in this skilfully constructed, socially aware sports movie

Last Chance Harvey

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 13:00

Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman shine in a low-key romcom that passes the time

Terminator: Salvation

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 12:58

The apocalyptic man vs machines franchise is back with Christian Bale as the leader of the human resistance

Book review: The Morbid Age

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 12:31

Non-fiction: Richard Overy has written an intriguing study of British intellectual life in the interwar years as you might never have glimpsed it before

St Barts

This week’s dream: St Barts’ beautiful beaches

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 12:10

The glamour and hedonism bestowed on St Barts by the likes of Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes remains to this day

A doctor looks at patient's records

Sharing patient records would be ‘ethical but illegal’

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 11:18

The General Medical Council’s proposal to share hospital records for research purposes will contravene EU privacy laws, a data security expert says

Ravi Bopara

England must learn to fail better

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 10:43

Media comment: Samuel Beckett’s instruction could suit the national mood during the sporting summer

The Obama family

Obama girls fly to Paris

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 10:12

Another expensive private date, and this time it's a family affair

Gordon Brown fighting for his life

News Thu 4 Jun, AT 10:03

The Mole: Charles Clarke, Stephen Byers and Alan Milburn are rumoured to be behind the ‘go now’ email, says our Westminster insider