Agent Provocateur defies the credit crunch

News Mon 23 Mar, AT 00:00

Luxury lingerie chain Agent Provocateur has announced a surprise boost in profits

How Labour's Faustian pact with capitalism led to the financial crisis

News Mon 23 Mar, AT 00:00

Labour decided not to regulate the City, as long as they paid for social programmes

Stewart’s humiliation of Cramer marks end of era

Mon 23 Mar, AT 00:00 Charles Laurence

Accusations that he was a Wall St ‘shill’ mean that Jim Cramer, the embodiment of the ‘greed is good’ era, is finished

Count me out of the tawdry Jade Goody freak show

News Sun 22 Mar, AT 14:58

The public’s grotesque fascination with the reality TV star’s death was a botched catharsis of an inability to deal with its own mortality

How Jade Goody became the new Princess Diana

Sun 22 Mar, AT 14:55 Coline Covington

The victimhood and very public death of Jade Goody and the People’s Princess have much in common, says Coline Covington