Why Josef Fritzl thought rape was a ‘lovely idea’

Wed 18 Mar, AT 13:00 Coline Covington

By keeping his daughter in a dungeon, Fritzl was exercising the control denied to him by his mother, says Coline Covington

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

News Wed 18 Mar, AT 12:56

Simon Pegg stars in the big-screen adaptation of Toby Young’s New York tale, but the film fails to find its groove

The Duchess

News Wed 18 Mar, AT 12:55

Keira Knightley shines in Saul Dibb’s sumptuous portrait of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire

Easy Virtue

News Wed 18 Mar, AT 12:55

Priscilla director Stephan Elliott returns with this keenly observed romantic comedy


News Wed 18 Mar, AT 12:55

Oliver Stone’s biopic fails to throw a knock-out punch at the departing President but Brolin as Bush is superb

Lesbian Vampire Killers

News Wed 18 Mar, AT 12:54

Gavin & Stacey duo James Corden and Mathew Horne fail to amuse in this British comedy

The Age of Stupid

News Wed 18 Mar, AT 12:54

McLibel director Franny Armstrong returns with a compelling film about climate change

Cut-price wine is a cheap trick

News Wed 18 Mar, AT 12:53

Heavily discounted wine is generally priced too high to begin with, or there is something wrong with the wine

Il Divo

News Wed 18 Mar, AT 10:50

A fascinating look at the life of seven-times Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti


News Wed 18 Mar, AT 10:45

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen spark together in this sexually charged spy thriller