Edward Downes and Dmitri Shostakovich in 1973

Sir Edward and Joan Downes commit suicide

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 16:04

The British conductor and his ballet dancer wife chose to end their lives at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland


Brüno and the Twitter effect

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 15:50

Bad word-of-mouth spread by the micro-blogging site would explain the fall-off in enthusiasm for Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman to play love interest in Thor

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 14:22

Star Wars actress will star as Jane Foster in the forthcoming Marvel movie, directed by Kenneth Branagh


Brüno gets the snip to become more teen-friendly

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 14:00

Universal Pictures have made an unprecedented edit to Sacha Baron Cohen’s spoof comedy Brüno to give it a 15-rating

Andrew Flintoff

Do England need Flintoff?

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 13:40

Media comment: The injury-prone all-rounder should no longer be seen as pivotal to England’s success

Porsche Panamera

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 11:48

The Panamera is very good - but it's compromised by its luggage and passenger space

Eyjafjallajokull volcano

BA woes continue with AGM protest

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 10:08

British Airways is bracing itself for demonstrations at the company’s AGM against pay cuts and job losses

Brown is ‘confident’ on Afghanistan

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 09:47

The Mole: If the PM turns out to be wrong on military resources, God help him, says our Westminster insider

Six-year-old girl & GP die of swine flu

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 09:34

'Don't panic' say health officials, but US research shows that the strain is more dangerous than normal flu

Friends set for bidding war after it rebuffs Resolution

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 09:18

A battle for Friends Provident is on the cards, with suitors likely to emerge as a result of the interest shown by the Cowdery group

Max Clifford

Max Clifford to sue News of the World

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 08:53

Celebrity publicist hires the same legal team that won £1m in out-of-court settlements for three football figures