Bernie Madoff

Madoff transferred to N Carolina jail

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 07:59

Madoff heads south while another fraudster, Marc Dreier, gets only 20 years for his scam

Carlos Tevez of Man Utd

Manchester City sign Tevez, chase Adebayor & Terry

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 07:46

After capturing Carlos Tevez for £25.5m, Mark Hughes is now turning his attention to the Arsenal striker and the Chelsea defender

Andrew Flintoff

England sweat on Flintoff knee scan

News Tue 14 Jul, AT 07:09

The England all-rounder could be sidelined for the rest of the Ashes with a recurrence of his perennial knee injury

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iran: our ally in the war against al-Qaeda and the Taliban

Column Mon 13 Jul, AT 18:59

Iran has always been an enemy of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Obama and Brown must throw off the influence of the neocons and enlist their help

Markets rally as Meredith Whitney gives Goldman her vote

News Mon 13 Jul, AT 18:29

Influential analyst Meredith Whitney has caused a stock market rally by advising clients to buy Goldman Sachs shares

Shepard Fairey in front of his Hope poster

Shepard Fairey gets probation for Obama vandalism

News Mon 13 Jul, AT 18:05

The graffiti artist behind the famous Barack Obama poster issued a public apology to the people of Boston for acts of vandalism

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin makes a play for Democrat votes

News Mon 13 Jul, AT 16:27

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin appears to be planning to lead a third, centre-right, American political party


Brüno proves a hit with American filmgoers

News Mon 13 Jul, AT 15:49

Sacha Baron Cohen’s film about a gay fashion presenter beat off stiff competition from Ice Age and Transformers sequels

Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong

Armstrong and Contador rivalry comes to the fore

News Mon 13 Jul, AT 15:04

The Astana team-mates, separated by just two seconds in the Tour de France, are making no secret of their rivalry

Nikon D5000

News Mon 13 Jul, AT 13:39

Nikon's answer to the fantastic Canon 500D


Big business takes media lessons from schoolboy

News Mon 13 Jul, AT 12:37

Matthew Robson, a 15-year-old schoolboy on work experience with Morgan Stanley may have dealt a mortal blow to micro-blogging site Twitter