Jack Straw drops plans for secret inquests

News Fri 15 May, AT 17:14

Plans to allow the Home Secretary to hold inquests into wrongful deaths without a jury did not have enough cross-party support

Manchester United's Carlos Tevez

Carlitos’ way: the Carlos Tevez situation explained

News Fri 15 May, AT 16:48

Owned by a businessman and on loan to Manchester United, the Argentinian striker is in a situation never before seen in the Premier League

Cristal, please, and put it on expenses

News Fri 15 May, AT 16:39

The Bordeaux en primeur market is alive and kicking thanks to a superb 2008 vintage

House of Commons

MPs' poor public-speaking skills are bad for democracy

News Fri 15 May, AT 16:06

Send the likes of Geof Hoon and Jacqui Smith back to university, where a gift for speaking is beaten into students by debating societies

Maria Verchenova

Maria Verchenova: the new star of women’s golf

News Fri 15 May, AT 15:56

A 23-year-old golfer is the latest glamorous Russian sportswoman to arrive on the scene

Beatles and their nemesis, jelly babies

George Harrison reveals Beatles’ fear of jelly babies

News Fri 15 May, AT 15:51

A 46-year-old letter from the Beatle to a fan contains a plea for an end to sweet-throwing

Norman Baker

Norman Baker’s halo slips as expenses questioned

News Fri 15 May, AT 15:09

Parliament’s ‘most sanctimonious member’ claimed £20,000 for an office in his own home

ITV promises more cuts after slide in revenues

News Fri 15 May, AT 13:43

Despite hit shows the beleagured broadcaster is set to cut more staff and programmes as its quarterly income slips 14 per cent

Behavioural psychology can’t avert economic crisis

News Fri 15 May, AT 13:26

Studying the behaviour of financial workers won’t save the economy – only reform of the system can do that

Brad Pitt

Cannes expects Brad Pitt – most likely without Jolie

News Fri 15 May, AT 12:15

The actor is due to promote Quentin Tarantino’s film amid rumours about his troubled relationship

Sony announces its first loss since 1995

News Fri 15 May, AT 11:45

Japanese electronics maker lost Y98.9bn, or £685m, last year and has warned of worse to come

Royal Mail

Post Office profits hit £321m as cost-cutting bites

News Fri 15 May, AT 10:45

Doubling in earnings at Royal Mail re-ignites row with unions over job cuts and privatisation plans