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Jack Ely dies, outlived by hit Louie Louie

One-Minute Read
Wed 29 Apr, AT 11:32

The FBI produced a 455-page report on the song, concluding that it was unintelligible – not obscene

Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool 'do not deserve' to play in Champions League

Match Report
Wed 29 Apr, AT 11:23

Rodgers under pressure as Hull beat toothless Liverpool to end their top-four hopes

Why the DUP could hold the balance of power

Wed 29 Apr, AT 10:32

The Democratic Unionist Party is ready to do a deal with either Labour or the Conservatives – but at what cost?

The Mole

Tories' 'no tax rise' pledge means no relief from austerity

Wed 29 Apr, AT 10:30
The Mole

If the Tories are re-elected, Osborne will have to reduce deficit with one hand tied behind his back

Columnist Don Brind

Russell Brand interview: why Ed took the risk

Wed 29 Apr, AT 09:50
Don Brind

Cameron dismisses it as a joke - but Miliband gains access to voters other politicians cannot reach

Alcohol lines the shelves of an Off-License in Brixton

EU to vote on calorie content labels for alcohol bottles

One-Minute Read
Wed 29 Apr, AT 09:39

80 per cent of people in the UK either don't know or underestimate how many calories there are in wine and beer

Man who 'cut out victim's heart and ate it' faces sentencing

One-Minute Read
Tue 28 Apr, AT 16:26

Witnesses at the scene said Andrew Chimboza had flesh in his teeth and dry blood on his mouth

James Holmes

James Holmes: 'door of horror' shown to batman shooting jury

One-Minute Read
Tue 28 Apr, AT 15:49

Prosecution and defence give their opening statements in Aurora cinema shooting trial

Damien Lewis

Damian Lewis enlivens 'sluggish' American Buffalo

First Reaction
Tue 28 Apr, AT 14:19

Homeland star Damian Lewis 'tears up the stage' but Mamet revival can be 'sluggish', say critics

Liverpool Anfield Kop

25 years without a title: who to blame for Liverpool's demise?

Talking Point
Tue 28 Apr, AT 13:56

How transfer mistakes and a lack of ambition led to the end of an era at Anfield