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Jordan Spieth heralds new era with stunning Masters win

Match Report
Mon 13 Apr, AT 08:38

Spieth equals Tiger Woods's record – and finishes 23 shots ahead of the former world number one

Columnist Don Brind

Tories have left it too late, Ashcroft warns Cameron

Mon 13 Apr, AT 08:35
Don Brind

As YouGov shows Labour ahead, Tories need to fix in 24 days what they haven’t in five years. Tricky

Week in pictures: 5 - 11 April

Sun 12 Apr, AT 06:00

From Easter celebrations in New York to Elvis' gold jumpsuit in London

Nicola Sturgeon

Some Scottish Tories ready to vote Labour to keep SNP out

Sat 11 Apr, AT 15:12
Don Brind

New poll suggests tactical voting could upset Nicola Sturgeon's dreams of a total Labour wipeout

Best properties: pretty cottages under £500,000

Sat 11 Apr, AT 08:00

Browse through a gallery of the best properties of the week from estate agents across the UK and beyond

Owl cafe opens in London: a hoot or just plain cruel?

Talking Point
Fri 10 Apr, AT 15:18

Animal rights groups say the event will cause a considerable amount of stress to the reclusive birds

Head transplant: neurosurgeon says it will work, but is it ethical?

Fri 10 Apr, AT 14:04

Volunteer for the first human head transplant could experience something 'a lot worse than death'

Premier League preview: all eyes on the Manchester derby

Fri 10 Apr, AT 13:45

It's advantage City ahead of Sunday's clash, while Arsenal seek to keep up the pressure on Chelsea

Apple's Macbook

Best laptops 2015: the top five models on the market

Fri 10 Apr, AT 13:17

From the Apple MacBook Pro to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, tech critics heap praise on today's top laptops

Schoolboy seeks exam questions with FOI request

One-Minute Read
Fri 10 Apr, AT 13:03

'I thought it was worth a try,' said German student hoping for sneak peek at his upcoming test papers

Lost River 'crapocalypse': is it time to forgive Ryan Gosling?

Fri 10 Apr, AT 12:54

Critics savaged Gosling's directorial debut at Cannes – but now some critics say the film should be given a second chance

Grand National 2015 odds: the Intelligent Punter's Guide

Fri 10 Apr, AT 12:39

AP McCoy on Shutthefrontdoor is the people's favourite: but where should wily punters be putting their money?