Columnist Nigel Horne

The Good Right: a soft ‘n’ furry Tory alternative

Thu 19 Feb, AT 08:39 Nigel Horne

Tim Montgomerie and Stephan Shakespeare propose a new compassionate Conservatism. Here’s how…

Best apps for iPhone: seven top iOS apps for 2015

Summary Wed 18 Feb, AT 14:57

Sleep better, run faster and save cash with this list of the best free and paid-for apps for iPhones and iPads

Saudi cleric 'proves' the Earth does not rotate – video

Video Wed 18 Feb, AT 14:03

Footage shows Sheikh al-Khaibari using a cup to explain to university students why Galileo was wrong

Egyptian defence minister and his French counterpart in the presence of President Sisi

Egypt buys French fighter jets as press rattles sabre

First Reaction Wed 18 Feb, AT 13:32

Egyptian newspapers are full-throated in their support for military action against Islamic State

Tampon tax: the campaign against a 'tax on women'

Briefing Wed 18 Feb, AT 13:14

Tax laws that classify tampons as 'luxury items' are illogical, sexist and outdated say campaigners

How secure are smartphone fingerprint readers?

One-Minute Read Wed 18 Feb, AT 11:49

NatWest and RBS customers with Apple iPhones can now use fingerprints to access bank accounts

Mo Farah

Mo Farah: Twitter spat sets star against Team GB rival

One-Minute Read Wed 18 Feb, AT 11:36

Andy Vernon's suggestion that Mo Farah gets an easy ride provokes a 'remarkable' outburst from the gold medallist

Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea

Chelsea home favourites after holding PSG to draw

Match Report Wed 18 Feb, AT 11:25

Paris St Germain should have wrapped match up, but Chelsea now best place to reach quarter-finals

The Mole

Boost for Tories: growth goes up, jobless number falls

Wed 18 Feb, AT 11:09 The Mole

New figures show economy grew by 2.6% in 2014 – Britain’s best performance since 2007

Limpets' teeth

Limpets' teeth set new strength record

One-Minute Read Wed 18 Feb, AT 10:48

Limpet teeth beat spider webs as the strongest known biological material. But what are the strongest substances on Earth?

Telegraph hits back at Peter Oborne’s ‘astonishing’ attack

First Reaction Wed 18 Feb, AT 10:29

But political commentator’s decision to quit over ‘lack’ of HSBC coverage is praised by other journalists

 Migrants in Tripoli, Libya

Islamic State 'hopes Libya will be gateway to invade Europe'

One-Minute Read Wed 18 Feb, AT 09:50

Jihadists want to cause 'pandemonium' in Europe according to letter by Islamic State propagandist

Rebel groups in Aleppo

Syria: Aleppo ceasefire offers 'glimmer of hope'

One-Minute Read Wed 18 Feb, AT 09:41

Temporary 'freeze' on fighting may go ahead in Aleppo after government forces said they would halt bombing