Hurricane Sandy

Why did HMS Bounty sail into the jaws of Hurricane Sandy?

First Post
Tue 30 Oct, AT 11:32

Crew thought they could dodge 'Frankenstorm' on their voyage to winter port in Florida

How will Hurricane Sandy affect US presidential candidates?

Talking Point
Tue 30 Oct, AT 10:55

Will Romney live to regret saying last year that America cannot afford federal disaster relief?


Tories split over whether to hire Lynton Crosby to run election

Tue 30 Oct, AT 10:10
The Mole

Editor and proprietor of ConservativeHome at odds over the contentious Aussie spin doctor

Superstorm Sandy: New York declared 'major disaster'

Tue 30 Oct, AT 11:45

Wall Street closed, subways flooded, millions without power while Obama and Romney put campaigning on hold

Google Nexus 10: images and specifications leaked (video)

Mon 29 Oct, AT 15:12

Official New York launch event for tablet and smartphone cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy

Justin Timberlake ‘made grown men cry’ with wedding song

The Tabloids
Mon 29 Oct, AT 13:48

Tabloid tales: Timberlake’s emotional song, J-Lo loves Kate and Wills’ biscuits, Lohan laughs at Hurricane Sandy

New Yorkers' lives threatened as megastorm Sandy approaches

Mon 29 Oct, AT 10:09

Hurricane throws presidential election into disarray as hundreds of thousands evacuate New York