Police at the stabbing scene in the suburb of Manoora in Cairns, Australia.
Fri 19 Dec 2014, AT 09:13
A woman is being treated for chest wounds after eight children were found stabbed to death in Cairns

The Business: North Sea oil 'close to collapse'

Business Digest Fri 19 Dec, AT 08:00

Company news, markets and financial talking points, available from 8am Monday to Friday

Columnist Edie Lush

E-voting: why is UK not as smart as the Philippines?

Fri 19 Dec, AT 07:29 Edie Lush

Before e-voting it took 40 days to tot up Filipinos’ votes - now it takes 48 hours: what’s not to like?

Columnist Venetia Rainey

Peace in our time? 2014 could prove a Middle East watershed

Thu 18 Dec, AT 17:22 Venetia Rainey

Hamas removed from terror blacklist, Palestinian state recognised by EU – 17 December was a big day

Passengers on a plane

First-time flier opens plane's emergency exit 'for fresh air'

One-Minute Read Thu 18 Dec, AT 16:04

Airline says the passenger will not be fined for the dangerous mistake as he was not acting maliciously

BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Classic reviews: will 'retro' phone save BlackBerry?

First Reaction Thu 18 Dec, AT 15:29

Analysts sceptical whether BlackBerry's return to a physical keyboard will be enough to entice new customers

elderly people

Pensioner bonds: how to bag market-beating interest rates

Personal Finance Thu 18 Dec, AT 14:13

Demand for pensioner bonds is expected to outstrip supply, so act fast to secure an impressive return

Gold bars

Gold price rallies after rate rise hint caused slump

One-Minute Read Thu 18 Dec, AT 13:57

Suggestion that US interest rates will go up next year had sent the gold price tumbling

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal

Ozil close to Gunners return: is he the man to inspire Arsenal?

One-Minute Read Thu 18 Dec, AT 13:43

After his early-season travails and injury, Ozil could be the key to an Arsenal resurgence

Betabrand jeans

Hack-proof jeans protect users from wireless attack

One-Minute Read Thu 18 Dec, AT 12:22

The latest in wearable technology stops 'digital pickpockets' from stealing your credit card information


The latest Kazakh security device: a personal guard wolf

One-Minute Read Thu 18 Dec, AT 11:47

Villagers turn to wild animals for protection – but experts warn they are 'ticking bombs'

Christmas decorations

Christmas poems: ten celebrations of the festive season

Shortlist Thu 18 Dec, AT 11:29

A selection of Christmas poems from Wordsworth, Tennyson, Browning and more