Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke
Fri 22 May 2015, AT 07:53
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Sadie Frost arrives at Mirror phone hacking trial

Mirror phone-hacking: celebs queue up after £1.2m payout

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Thu 21 May, AT 15:31

Eight victims who had their voicemails intercepted by journalists awarded 'astonishing' compensation pay-out

Rail strike called off after new pay deal

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Thu 21 May, AT 15:10

Bank holiday train chaos is averted as unions call off rail strike that would have hit 90% of trains

Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard to sell home searched by Yewtree police

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Thu 21 May, AT 15:01

Friend Cilla Black says the singer is haunted by police sex abuse raid, which was broadcast live on the BBC

The Rohingya boat crisis: why refugees are fleeing Burma

Thu 21 May, AT 15:00

Starving Rohingya migrants have been rebuffed from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand

Spice: the drug that hospitalised five students

Thu 21 May, AT 14:02

A synthetic drug called Spice, banned in 2009, has been causing concern on both sides of the Atlantic

The Osama bin Laden trove: 9 things we've learnt about him

Thu 21 May, AT 13:42

A book claiming that 9/11 was an inside job was among possessions found in bin Laden's hideout

RSPCA candidate compared farming to holocaust

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Thu 21 May, AT 13:16

Another animal rights activist seeking election as RSPCA trustee wants to set pets freed from 'leather nooses'

Andrew Strauss

Strauss holds Gillespie talks as Pietersen haunts sorry England

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Thu 21 May, AT 13:01

England slump in first Test as hunt for a new coach goes on... and Pietersen's shadow lurks

Gold bars

Gold price spike as chances of US interest rate rise recede

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Thu 21 May, AT 11:41

'Dovish' interest rates stance at the Federal Reserve helps shore up the price of gold

David Letterman

David Letterman: last Late Show a 'terrific' upbeat affair

First Reaction
Thu 21 May, AT 11:23

Letterman ends 33 years in late night TV with presidents, Scientology jokes and celebrity send-offs

Yeesh! Scrabble's new words aren't dench, say language lovers

First Reaction
Thu 21 May, AT 11:10

The addition of slang and textspeak shows how language is evolving, but not everyone is impressed