Muslims march on Google UK to protest Innocence video

One-Minute Read Mon 15 Oct, AT 10:21

Thousands join demo outside London HQ. Next they want to unite religions in 'campaign for civility'

Naked Mohammed cartoons: French PM calls for calm

First Reaction Wed 19 Sep, AT 13:38

But Jean-Marc Ayrault reminds world that French press has a right to free expression

Iran reissues fatwa on Salman Rushdie as film protests spread

First Post Mon 17 Sep, AT 09:00

Ayatollah reinstates 1989 death sentence and raises bounty on novelist's head to $3.3m

US evacuates embassies as Muslim protests spread to West

Summary Sun 16 Sep, AT 12:51

All non-essential staff withdrawn from Tunisia and Sudan embassies as Muslim leader calls for calm

Innocence of Muslims: How bad? How cheap? How wrong?

First Post Fri 14 Sep, AT 16:37

It’s caused a storm from Cairo to Khartoum – but what do we know about this blasphemous film?

After Yemeni death, is al-Qaeda involved in Prophet protests?

First Post Thu 13 Sep, AT 15:34

Some suspect AQAP involvement as Yemeni is shot dead entering US embassy in Sana’a

Libyan man inside the US compound in Benghazi

US ambassador killed in Libya protest over Mohammed film

One-Minute Read Wed 12 Sep, AT 09:07

Missions in Cairo and Benghazi beseiged over video depicting Mohammed as ‘buffoon and womaniser’