Jeremy Clarkson wades into transgender debate

Jul 25, 2016

Putting gender-neutral loos in House of Commons is 'potty', says former Top Gear host

Page 1 of 27Jeremy Clarkson wades into transgender debate

Jeremy Clarkson has called the proposal to install gender-neutral toilets in the House of Commons "potty".

In a column for The Sun newspaper, the journalist and TV presenter said that while many in the house regard the move as "part of an ongoing struggle to fight sexism and prejudice", it is "more like part of an ongoing struggle for our leaders to completely detach themselves from reality".

The 55-year-old former Top Gear host continued: "First of all, there are no transgender MPs that I’m aware of. So why use taxpayers’ money to provide a facility that isn’t necessary? You might as well install urinals suitable for Klingons."

Clarkson has been criticised in the past for his comments about transgender people.

He was slammed by the campaigning group Stonewall for a column he wrote for The Sunday Times which ridiculed the transgender community. In it, he wrote that "we must now all turn our attention to the plight of people who want to change their name from Stan to Loretta, and fight for the right for men to have babies".

He also accused an unnamed couple of being "allowed to poison the mind of a child" by letting their young son live as a girl.

A spokesperson for Stonewall, said: “Vitriol like this shows how much work we have left to do – and is extremely hurtful not just to trans people, but their friends and families and no doubt most people with a moral compass.”

He has also been rebuked for alleged sexist, racist and homophobic comments - last summer, both Clarkson and his The Grand Tour co-presenter, Richard Hammond, were criticised for a tweet in which they used a shop sign in Australia to make a play on the words “fudge packer”, which is considered a homophobic insult.

In his latest article, the presenter also questioned whether women should be allowed to breastfeed their babies in parliament – another matter under review by a Commons reference group.

"I’m sorry, but if MPs are debating something important – like, say, whether to bomb Libya – it would be wholly inappropriate for a mewling, puking baby to interrupt proceedings," he said.

Jeremy Clarkson 'breaks' a Range Rover for The Grand Tour

22 July

The official launch date of Jeremy Clarkson's new Amazon Prime Video motoring programme, The Grand Tour, is still months away, but short clips and snippets continue to be released by the show's social-media savvy marketing team.

The latest is a video on the programme's Facebook page showing the trio of presenters – Clarkson alongside his former Top Gear co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond – having apparently "broken" a rented Range Rover Sport.

"That is a rental," Hammond says.

"Is it?" Clarkson replies.

The car then drives past making a clanking noise as it goes.
"It's called Gentle Rentals," Clarkson says, laughing. "'You're not taking that off-road are you?' 'Oh no, no'"
The short clip has already been watched by 50,000 people on YouTube and been given more than 1,000 thumbs-up.
So how did the presenters break the expensive four-wheel drive?
"We can't begin to figure out what the heck the trio did to bust such a capable off-roader," says [1] Autoblog, "but we trust we'll find out once The Grand Tour hits Amazon."
The show is scheduled to begin screening in the autumn.

Jeremy Clarkson enlists The Who and Wilko Johnson for The Grand Tour

21 July

Jeremy Clarkson has brought in some well-known names to be part of the debut season of his new Amazon Prime Show, The Grand Tour.

As well as filming car videos and live segments in exotic locations around the world, the presenter has enlisted the help of The Who's Roger Daltrey and singer Wilko Johnson to be part of the show.

The 56-year-old former Top Gear presenter posted a video to Twitter yesterday which sees the two musicians performing a live concert somewhere in Chiswick, London.

"Wednesday afternoon. The Grand Tour. Chiswick. Rog and Wilko," he wrote next to it.

Daltrey and Johnson collaborated on the 2014 studio album, Going Back Home, which "was expected to be Wilko's final album… after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2013", the Daily Mirror says.

The tweet comes hot on the heels of a video Clarkson's co-presenter, James May, posted to The Grand Tour's Facebook page showing the team getting "a little bit drunk" after filming the first live recording of The Grand Tour in South Africa.

After explaining what is happening, amid much laughter, Clarkson says he doesn't quite grasp the point of social media live videos - "This is why I don't understand Facebook", he says - and appears to lose his train of thought: "I was going to say something terrible, but, erm..."

The Grand Tour will begin broadcasting in the autumn.

Jeremy Clarkson nervous about filming The Grand Tour

18 July

Filming for the first live segment of Jeremy Clarkson's new motoring programme, The Grand Tour, took place at the weekend – and the usually loud and cocky presenter was nervous about it.

"In a field just outside Johannesburg, James May, Richard Hammond and I will record the first studio segment for our new show, the Grand Tour. And I don’t mind telling you I’m crapping myself," admitted the 56-year-old host, in his column for The Sun.

However, in a video posted to Facebook after filming, he told fans: "We've just finished the first ever Grand Tour show in South Africa and unbelievably I think it was successful."

The Amazon Prime show, which came about after Clarkson was dropped from Top Gear for punching a colleague in the face, was recorded in front of a live audience in a tent just outside of Johannesburg. It will now travel to different locations around the world.

The performance featured the same basic set-up as Top Gear, with Clarkson chatting about cars with his long-time collaborators, May and Hammond. According to the Daily Mail, the trio "were smartly dressed in blazers as they sat around a table in surroundings rather different to those they were used to in the old Top Gear hangar".

The set itself looked like "an old-world hotel or station waiting room," the paper adds, "bedecked with antique rugs and vintage travelling cases".

A shot of the outside of the set taken from a helicopter revealed "a vast tent, emblazoned with the programme's logo, on the brow of a hill in the barren savannah landscape".

The new show will begin broadcasting on Amazon Prime in the autumn.

Jeremy Clarkson Grand Tour picture sparks Photoshop battle

14 July

Jeremy Clarkson's new motoring programme for Amazon Prime is several months away, but interest in the show continues to build as fans scrutinise every tweet and Facebook post from the former Top Gear host.

The Grand Tour Facebook page has been steadily building momentum and passed 360,000 followers earlier this week. One of the page's most recent posts – a behind-the-scenes photograph of Clarkson and his co-host Richard Hammond – has proven particularly popular, with fans digitally altering the image with sometimes absurd results.

Here is a selection of the best.

The original image was posted with the caption: "Behind the scenes of a typical conversation."

But as soon as Reddit users got their hands on the photo, the two hosts suddenly found themselves embroiled in a Jenga contest.

Soon, Clarkson's short-lived Top Gear replacement Chris Evans was in on the act. One Photoshopper turned the picture into an advertisement.Another saw Clarkson touched by divinity.

Reddit user Elegante101 thought the picture would be enhanced with a selfie stick. Before long, the Photoshop battle turned political. Inevitably, Pokemon made an appearance.And finally, Clarkson brought the whole thing to an end.

Page 1 of 27Jeremy Clarkson wades into transgender debate

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