Jimmy Savile ‘molested girls while he broadcasted’

Oct 7, 2012

Prime Minister says BBC and police should investigate alleged Savile abuses as revelations keep coming

ALLEGED sexual abuse of underage girls by Jimmy Savile should be investigated by the police and the BBC, Prime Minister David Cameron has said. The late DJ and presenter stands accused of rape or sexual assault by at least 40 women and the Metropolitan police have opened an inquiry into the allegations.

Today, Cameron told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: "I think it is pretty shocking, the allegations that we are reading. They need to be properly looked at, properly investigated.

"It seems to me it is very important that the BBC does that itself.

"But also, if there are questions that should be pursued by the police and other organisations, everyone has to ask themselves the question, ‘Is there new evidence that needs to be looked at? Are there new things as an organisation we should look at and examine?’

"But from what I have read - and that is just as a consumer of the media - truly shocking things have been said."

And the revelations keep coming today...

Savile might have molested young girls while recording radio broadcasts of his show Savile’s Travels, according to The Sunday Telegraph. The paper has heard the tapes, which date back to 1975. In one, a girl can be heard screaming as Savile tells her: “Watch how I operate… I better play a record with the other hand.” On another tape, a girl is heard pleading: “Get off… Get off my backside.” The tapes are now with the police.

Jimmy Savile’s biographer, Dan Davies writes in the Mail on Sunday today that the entertainer was terrified of being “nicked with underage girls”. Davies interviewed Savile many times from 2004 onwards, and heard startling revelations from those who worked with him.

Alan Simpson, who worked with Savile at the Mecca dancehall in Wakefield in the 1960s, said: “One of the biggest laffs we had [with Jimmy] was either he was going to be a huge success or in prison for screwing 14-year-old girls. Everyone in the Mecca company knew about it. It was wink, wink, nod, nod. It was never made public.”

Tony Calder, who met Savile at Decca Records in 1961, said that girls were always throwing themselves at the entertainer and that he’d normally have sex with them before he “passed them on”.

“They’d do what they were told,” said Calder. “They were followers. They were his little slaves… the rule was: the younger the better.” But he was “terrified of getting nicked with underage girls”.

BBC 6 Music DJ Liz Kershaw, who joined Radio 1 in 1987, has said jokes about Jimmy Savile’s sexual proclivities were commonplace at the corporation and that she was herself routinely groped by another radio presenter, The Guardian reports. "There was one presenter who routinely groped me,” said Kershaw, 54. “I would be sitting in the studio with my headphones on, my back to the studio door, live on air, and couldn't hear a thing except what was in my headphones, and then I'd find these wandering hands up my jumper fondling my breasts.

"I couldn't say anything, I couldn't even explain because I was broadcasting to the nation. When I complained to somebody they were incredulous and said: 'Don't you like it, are you a lesbian?'"

Kershaw said of Savile who left the BBC shortly after she joined: “The rumours were there, the jokes were there and it was an open secret.”

Charities set up by Savile have said they will drop the late presenter’s name and donate money to charities that work with the victims of abuse. Roger Bodley, a trustee of the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, which is has reserves of £3.7m and Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Charitable Trust, which has funds of £1.7m, told The Sunday Times: “We will be meeting soon to discuss how to best use the funds that remain at our disposal. We are actively looking at supporting, amongst others, charities that work with survivors of sexual abuse.

“The whole thing is totally on the name and if the name is completely disgraced then that stuff [donations] will stop. I don’t see how things can go ahead with that name.”

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sadly this is indicative of british society as a whole - closet paedophiles are everywhere and are being propped up by their apparent professionalism in the hope they will never be caught. then, when they are caught, they're either dead already or have been made into such Gods that nobody believes the accusations. How could nobody suspect that this dirty old man was abusing children? he was so disgusting yet was given so much airtime. It would seem that we British are humoured by dirty characters, filthy jokes and non-stop sexual innuendos. This fuels abusers like saville

and he gets a knighthood from the chief abuser, HRH the queen. welcome to the UK

"Why we have the Right to keep, and bear, arms" in America.
We shoot rapists, dead.

You just like to shoot everyone, innocent, guilty, young, old, including innocent Brits who knock on a door asking for help.. British soldiers who were fighting on your side.... the only American answer to everything.. shoot it.. Hopefully eventually you'll all shoot all of each other..

Speak for yourself mate. My part of British society isn't full of paedophiles. It's also interesting how you are perfectly prepared to condemn the man before any investigation has taken place and before any charges are laid or proven. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Trial by Daily Mail is it...
Could well be he is guilty but I will at least wait until that is proven to be true.

You mean the whole world... Bubble!!

Of course the guy is guilty you complete PLANK!!!
Don't play detective as your clearly lacking in ability to recognise when there is insurmountable evidence against a person. Go back to school....