Jimmy Savile 'took teen girls' on nocturnal visits to Leeds hospital

Oct 31, 2012

Savile was handed keys to nurses' accommodation, claims fellow porter at Leeds General Infirmary

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JIMMY SAVILE frequently took teenage girls on late-night visits to the Leeds General Infirmary, where he was given access to the nurses' accommodation, a former hospital worker has told the BBC.

The latest in a string of claims against the late television presenter comes from Terry Pratt, a former night porter at the hospital where Savile famously volunteered as a porter.

Pratt says Savile would pay night-time calls with different girls in tow several times a month, beginning in the late 1980s. Savile, a familiar face at the hospital, would ask for the key from "the lad on the desk", who would respond "make sure I get it back," says Pratt.

Savile would then vanish with his young guests for several hours, only returning the key shortly before dawn.

Pratt describes the girls as "star-struck" and "not streetwise". They appeared "speechless" and would "just disappear with him."

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has responded with the statement: "We continue to be shocked by each new allegation... The Trust is in contact with senior detectives from the Metropolitan Police and we have indicated our intention to help with their enquiries."

However, the hospital said that it has no records of any complaints made against Savile during the period he volunteered there.

Other developments:

  • The names of two more celebrities allegedly connected to the Savile scandal have been volunteered by their victims, according to the Daily Mail. The victims approached child protection consultant Mark Williams-Thomas, who has been acting as a mediator between victims and police.
  • The publicity about Jimmy Savile has encouraged victims of paedophiles in Northern Ireland to call the Nexus Institute which specialises in helping grown-ups who were abused as children. Institute director Helena Bracken told the Belfast Telegraph: "We have noticed a major increase [in calls]".

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.....and 'the lad on the desk' was a night porter/guard who never had authority or even access to a key for the nurses accommodation. No one else who worked at the LGI at that time corrobrates the story or agrees that there was such a key.
I'm in no way excusing anything Jimmy Savile did - anything he allegedly did - but this bandwagon jumping is beyond bad taste: everyone up here (Leeds) seems to have their own tale of 'oh, well when I met him you could tell there was something creepy about him' etc. Probably the same people who a year ago would've said they met him and he had a heart of gold. It only took a week for the first compensation claim to be put to Savile's estate and I can't imagine it'll be long before local 'celebrities' start selling their tales of how they felt he was weird or how they had lucky escapes..........
He was clearly a sick man doing sick things, but please - don't report every story as though it's a proven and true fact. That way the press becomes a vulture circling the real and horrific experiences of his victims.

you picked up on something I thought was strange about this tale- that a porter would have keys to hand out.

Every bit of hogwash is being reported as fact, such as the photo printed by the Daily Mail claiming it depicts Savile at Haute de la Geurre in the 1960s yet it carries a 'Jim'll Fix It' sign- a show that didn't begin until 1975.

British tabloids do themselves no favours and the public is not that stupid when the even the most gormless can access the internet.

Leeds Hospital already disputing how this porter makes claims about the 1980s when he only started work in 1990. Is Britain's media going to echo every bit of tosh without investigation?
And they wonder why they are going down the tubes.