Jimmy Savile

Max Clifford found guilty

Max Clifford guilty of eight charges of indecent assault

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Mon 28 Apr, AT 15:31

Publicist Max Clifford convicted of a string of sexual assaults on young women and teenagers

Cyril Smith, the Liberal MP for Rochdale

Cyril Smith abuse claims: police investigate Rochdale cover-up

Mon 28 Apr, AT 11:23

Police are already investigating allegations of decades of abuse, made after death of the larger-than-life MP

Jimmy Savile: victims were laughed at and ignored

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Mon 24 Feb, AT 12:02

Her Majesty's Inspector says police attitudes must change in wake of Jimmy Savile scandal


Savile stink returns: Pollard report omitted crucial evidence

Thu 12 Dec, AT 12:31
The Mole

Lord Patten under pressure: tape recording about as welcome as dog poo, says Jeremy Paxman

Celebrity sex offenders who abuse fame face more jail time

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Thu 12 Dec, AT 09:36

New sentencing guidelines shaped by Jimmy Savile case also put more emphasis on 'psychological harm'

David Smith, former BBC driver, dead on eve of sex abuse trial

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Tue 29 Oct, AT 09:11

Police find body of former chauffeur accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy in 1984

Jimmy Savile told police 'I brush women away like midges'

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Wed 16 Oct, AT 11:54

Police interview transcripts reveal how paedophile presenter dodged accusations of sexual assault

Crispin Black

'It wasn't me, guv': shifty BBC crew give the looter's excuse

Tue 10 Sep, AT 08:00
Crispin Black

Time to end the licence fee while BBC still has a brand to sell and before a possible public boycott takes hold

Penises, coxes: all in a year's work for BBC apology dep't

Fri 2 Aug, AT 13:30

The Prince William penis apology is just one of many issued by the Beeb. A top ten of tasteless moments

West Yorkshire Police did not protect Savile, says report

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Fri 10 May, AT 09:19

Friday Morning Club visits not misconduct, but concerns raised over 'personal friendships'