Jimmy Savile

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23 Jun, 2015

Prince William penis incident and cursing cox are among the many causes for regret at the Beeb

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10 May, 2013

Friday Morning Club visits not misconduct, but concerns raised over 'personal friendships'

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19 Apr, 2013

The veteran entertainer was arrested last month, but was only named in media today

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26 Mar, 2013

Ex-BBC producer accused of 'not getting it' after saying Operation Yewtree 'overzealous'

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12 Mar, 2013

Police watchdog says Savile was able to offend for five decades because officers failed to 'join the dots'

22 Feb, 2013

BBC censured for redacting Paxman – but presenter reveals Savile's paedophilia was 'common gossip'

11 Jan, 2013

Director of Public Prosecutions admits police missed three opportunities to stop the late BBC entertainer