Julian Assange attacks Wikileaks film in letter to Cumberbatch

One-Minute Read Thu 10 Oct, AT 11:59

Assange calls Cumberbatch a ‘hired gun’ and accuses Fifth Estate film of ‘distorting events’

In The Week magazine: the silly season is over - official

Brief Fri 30 Aug, AT 08:35

Press intimidation and the rights and wrongs of intervention in Syria are on this week's agenda

Julian Assange sings in 'bizarre' spoof video ahead of election

Video Tue 27 Aug, AT 16:43

WikiLeaks founder performs his own version of John Farnham's 1986 hit You're the Voice

Julian Assange: disarray in WikiLeaks Party is my fault

One-Minute Read Thu 22 Aug, AT 09:45

WikiLeaks founder says Australian party fell apart as he tried to arrange asylum for Edward Snowden

Bradley Manning apologises for passing secrets to WikiLeaks

First Reaction Thu 15 Aug, AT 11:07

Soldier expresses remorse at sentencing hearing and says gender identity issues influenced actions

John Humphrys: Five top bouts of BBC 'prize-fighter'

Summary Thu 4 Jul, AT 14:54

Eviscerating George Entwistle or probing Julian Assange's sex life all in a day's work

Ecuador asks for talks over the fate of Julian Assange

One-Minute Read Mon 3 Jun, AT 13:21

WikiLeaks founder has been living in the country's London embassy for almost a year

Terry Nation's Blake's 7 zooms back courtesy of Syfy network

One-Minute Read Tue 9 Apr, AT 13:45

The BBC 1 sci-fi series written by the man who dreamed up the Daleks is being re-made for TV

Bradley Manning: I wanted to spark debate about cost of war

One-Minute Read Fri 1 Mar, AT 09:20

Soldier accused of biggest classified leak in US history pleads guilty in unusual move

Jemima Khan

Assange like 'cult leader' says demoralised Jemima Khan

One-Minute Read Thu 7 Feb, AT 10:30

WikiLeaks founder believes he is above the law, says former supporter who posted bail