Julian Assange

15 Aug, 2013

Soldier expresses remorse at sentencing hearing and says gender identity issues influenced actions

04 Jul, 2013

Eviscerating George Entwistle or probing Julian Assange's sex life all in a day's work

03 Jun, 2013

WikiLeaks founder has been living in the country's London embassy for almost a year

09 Apr, 2013

The BBC 1 sci-fi series written by the man who dreamed up the Daleks is being re-made for TV

01 Mar, 2013

Soldier accused of biggest classified leak in US history pleads guilty in unusual move

Jemima Khan
07 Feb, 2013

WikiLeaks founder believes he is above the law, says former supporter who posted bail

24 Jan, 2013

Julian Assange appears at Oxford Union (via video link) brandishing script of ‘The Fifth Estate’

23 Jan, 2013

Hair is the right colour, but British actor looks more 'drag queen' than WikiLeaks founder

21 Dec, 2012

Wikileaks founder opens door to talks, but says 1m more documents are ready for release