Julian Assange Wikileaks

Julian Assange, the man who wants to play God

Mon 23 Aug, AT 08:16 Robert Fox

Swedes charge Assange with rape – but then drop it. The latest episode of this story is pure Larsson

Julian Assange by Rob McGee

‘Stop Julian Assange!’ The pressure mounts

News Wed 11 Aug, AT 08:35

Amnesty says Wikileaks founder risked Afghan lives; White House wants allies to help curtail his travels

Julian Assange by Rob McGee

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange defies Pentagon threats

News Fri 6 Aug, AT 16:48

Wikileaks founder defies military demand to return classified documents

Julian Assange Wikileaks

US army’s fault if Afghans are at risk, says Assange

News Mon 2 Aug, AT 09:09

Wikileaks founder defends posting of military secrets as authorities pile on the pressure

Julian Assange Wikileaks

Will Wikileaks help end the Afghan war? No

Thu 29 Jul, AT 13:24 Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn: The sad truth is that wars are not often ended by press disclosures of their horrors and futility

Julian Assange by Rob McGee

WikiLeaks founder breaks cover in Brussels

News Tue 22 Jun, AT 08:48

Julian Assange says he does not fear the Pentagon being after him over classified military cables