Julian Assange

WikiLeaks's Assange warns the internet may enslave us all

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Tue 27 Nov, AT 13:16

A new book by the digital world's most famous whistleblower says we're heading into a near future where the net will be used to control us

Lady Gaga visits Julian Assange after backers told to forfeit bail

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Tue 9 Oct, AT 12:39

Gaga said to have dined with WikiLeaks founder as nine supporters are told to pay up £93,500

Will Benedict Cumberbatch play Julian Assange in biopic?

One-Minute Read
Wed 3 Oct, AT 15:49

Sherlock actor appears to have overtaken Jeremy Renner in running to play WikiLeaks founder

Harry Styles is a ‘bonking machine’ says Ed Miliband

Sunday Papers
Sun 30 Sep, AT 10:57

From the Sunday papers: from Ed’s assessment of 1D singer to Boris and Dave’s Sunday lunch

Julian Assange extradition: six myths debunked

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Thu 23 Aug, AT 07:21

What is rape - and what will happen if Assange is deported? We lead you through the legal maze


If this is how men feel about rape, feminism has a way to go

Opinion digest
Wed 22 Aug, AT 10:37

Opinion Digest: male politicians' rape failure and why we have no right to condemn Russian justice