Julian Assange


If this is how men feel about rape, feminism has a way to go

Opinion digest
Wed 22 Aug, AT 10:37

Opinion Digest: male politicians' rape failure and why we have no right to condemn Russian justice

Warning to Assange: how Quito treated another asylum seeker

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Tue 21 Aug, AT 16:14

As Assange shelters in Ecuadorean embassy, the fate of another whisteblower comes to light


Academic failure, not success, needs our urgent attention

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Tue 21 Aug, AT 10:18

Opinion Digest: coping with student failure, European arrest warrants, and praise for Tony Scott

Assange sex claims bogus, says Galloway as Ecuador warns UK

One-Minute Read
Tue 21 Aug, AT 08:48

Controversial MP wades into diplomatic row as Correa tells UK not to violate embassy

Julian Assange balcony speech - victim or manipulator?

Talking Point
Mon 20 Aug, AT 11:17

Swedish police travelled abroad to quiz murder suspect - so why can't they see Assange in London?

Stop witch-hunt, Assange tells US from embassy balcony

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Sun 19 Aug, AT 14:53

WikiLeaks founder calls on President Obama to ‘do the right thing’ but makes no promise to give himself up


Students are being mis-sold degrees that benefit no-one

Opinion digest
Fri 17 Aug, AT 10:53

Opinion Digest: the higher education con, the right to die and why Assange must face justice in Sweden