Julian Assange

Heeeere's Julian... Assange plans global TV chat show

First Post Tue 24 Jan, AT 12:51

'Revolutionary' Assange aims to host in-depth discussions with 'iconoclasts and visionaries'

WikiLeaks Spy Files claim your phone might be spying on you

One-Minute Read Fri 2 Dec, AT 10:32

Julian Assange's latest release raises privacy concerns - but some just think it's 'embarrassing'

Julian Assange loses appeal against Swedish extradition

Analysis Wed 2 Nov, AT 11:02

WikiLeaks boss could take case to Supreme Court if he can prove it is of 'public importance'

Julian Assange

Buy the Assange T-shirts - or see WikiLeaks fold

First Post Tue 25 Oct, AT 18:12

Julian Assange says site has temporarily stopped publishing to fight ‘oppressive’ financial blockade and raise money

Julian Assange

Assange memoir published against his wishes

News Thu 22 Sep, AT 10:11

WikiLeaks founder went cold on producing an autobiography - but never returned his massive advance