Julian Assange

Julian Assange
31 Jan, 2011

In interview with CBS Assange describes WikiLeaks as a team of ‘free press activists’

Julian Assange
25 Jan, 2011

US Army can find no evidence Assange conspired with Bradley Manning to steal classified information

Julian Assange
13 Jan, 2011

Media mogul added to list of people who’d better hope nothing happens to the WikiLeaks boss

Julian Assange
11 Jan, 2011

WikiLeaks founder believes extradition to Sweden could lead to illegal rendition and execution in America

Brisbane flooding
Birgitta Jonsdottir
10 Jan, 2011

Icelandic government slams ‘intolerable’ US investigation of MP who helped Julian Assange

Julian Assange
06 Jan, 2011

Vanity Fair reveals fraught relationship between WikiLeaks founder and his UK media partner

The First Post Awards
23 Dec, 2010

What links Julian Assange, Vince Cable and Lady Gaga? They're all winners of the coveted First Post awards

22 Dec, 2010

First Post psychoanalystColine Covington on the boywith an 'enormous ego' andan adoring mother