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Don Brind

Ed Miliband gets big poll boost: how can Tories respond?

Mon 30 Sep, AT 09:35
Don Brind

Pledge to freeze energy prices gives Labour a bounce: now it's the Conservatives' turn to woo voters


Ed Miliband - from Wallace to Stalin in just seven days

Thu 26 Sep, AT 10:54
The Mole

Right-wing press goes to town on 'Red Ed' Miliband - just as Osborne asks Brussels to allow bankers bigger bonuses


Can Ed Miliband get public on side as he takes on the fat cats?

Wed 25 Sep, AT 10:34
The Mole

The Mail says 'Red Ed' is taking Labour back to the 70s. Wrong - he's reaching further back, to the days of Attlee

Ed Miliband at the Labour conference

'Weird, wild and manic': Red Ed's back and he's not boring

Talking Point
Wed 25 Sep, AT 09:51

Miliband's speech was unashamedly socialist, but the Labour leader's style was 'fluent and compelling'

Are there ANY ordinary people Ed Miliband hasn't met?

Tue 24 Sep, AT 17:22
Annalisa Barbieri

An hour of anecdotes, slogans and boxes ticked - but always those worryingly baggy trousers

Iain Dale fights activist and dog in front of TV cameras - video

Tue 24 Sep, AT 12:35

Damien McBride's publisher grapples with protester and a dog named Stuart on Brighton seafront


Miliband's 1m homes: how on earth can he push it through?

Tue 24 Sep, AT 11:03
The Mole

Labour leader wants to create more affordable housing - but he risks infuriating Middle England

Damian McBride 'ashamed' but says he didn't break law

Talking Point
Tue 24 Sep, AT 09:31

Gordon Brown's former spin doctor insists he's 'happy' to tell police about efforts to discredit ministers


Ed Balls: 'I never knew McBride was up to no good'. WHAT?

Mon 23 Sep, AT 10:34
The Mole

Shadow chancellor refuses to join the 'I told Gordon to fire Damian' brigade - and uses the S-word to boot

Don Brind

Ed Miliband's personal ratings are miserable – but does it matter?

Mon 23 Sep, AT 09:38
Don Brind

Cameron fares better – but since the last election there has been little switching between Tory and Labour voters