Lady Gaga

17 Oct, 2011

Lady Gaga becomes ‘Marilyn 2’ with saucy show for delighted ex-President

Lady Gaga in a meat dress
23 Sep, 2011

Teenage suicide prompts singer to seek help from sympathetic president

Lara Stone and Nigella Lawson
11 Aug, 2011

Top-ranking fashion model gives her own verdict on who is sexy and who’s not

Lady Gaga Madonna
27 Jul, 2011

‘Don’t kill the superstar’ urges Gaga as friends and family turn out for singer’s funeral

Rihanna and Britney Spears
03 Jun, 2011

As Rihanna herself says, ‘the music industry isn’t exactly Parents R Us’

Lady Gaga
20 May, 2011

The world’s most powerful celebrity (says Forbes) appears to be losing her radical edge

Lady Gaga
19 May, 2011

Social networking has made singer this year’s most powerful celeb, says Forbes magazine