Lady Gaga

The First Post Awards
23 Dec, 2010

What links Julian Assange, Vince Cable and Lady Gaga? They're all winners of the coveted First Post awards

Lady Gaga Monster's Ball
21 Dec, 2010

French go nuts for La Gaga: she can sing and dance - and she's not pretending!

lady Gaga Rihanna
03 Dec, 2010

Two German hackers admit to stealing unreleased music from pop stars’ computers

Lady Gaga in a meat dress
14 Sep, 2010

Enough to make you Gaga, activists complain. Worse – it’s been done before!

Lady Gaga at the MTV VMAs
13 Sep, 2010

Gaga’s meat dress steals show while Kanye West and Taylor Swift avoid another run-in

Lady Gaga
04 Aug, 2010

Videos for both Telephone and Bad Romance among record- breaking 13 nominations

Lady Gaga on the cover of Vanity Fair
03 Aug, 2010

‘I don’t want my creativity taken from me through my vagina,’ she tells Vanity Fair

30 Jun, 2010

New photos seem to show eccentric singer swapping her gender