Lance Armstrong kept drugs in fridge, claims team-mate

Sep 5, 2012

Tyler Hamilton says former champion helped arrange doping during Tour de France

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LANCE ARMSTRONG'S reputation has taken another battering with the publication of a book, written by a former team-mate, which contains lurid allegations about drug taking.

The seven-times Tour de France winner announced last month that he was no longer willing to defend himself against US Anti-Doping Association claims that he was a drugs cheat and now fellow cyclist, Tyler Hamilton, has published what The Times calls a "damning confessional" involving Armstrong and tales of drug use.

In it, Hamilton claims that Armstrong kept vials of blood booster EPO in his fridge and devised special plans to keep team members supplied with drugs during the 1999 Tour de France. It even explains how cyclists disposed of syringes using empty Coke cans.

The book "portrays Armstrong as a man who used drugs and duplicity to cheat his way to victory" and further destroys the "myth" of his success says The Times.

"Hamilton is one of more than ten former team-mates of Armstrong who have testified under oath about doping in cycling after they were called to give evidence to a federal Grand Jury in the US," adds the paper.

The Times carries an extract of The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups and Winning at All Costs. In it Hamilton claims he asked Armstrong for a shot of EPO and was directed towards his fridge.

"I opened it and there, on the door, next to a carton of milk, was a carton of EPO, each stoppered vial standing upright, little soldiers in their cardboard cells. I was surprised that Lance would be so cavalier."

He also revealed how EPO was delivered to cyclists after stages of the Tour.

"Since we wanted to keep the EPO out of our hotel, we usually did the shots in the camper... The syringes would be waiting for us, sometimes tucked inside our sneakers, in our race bags.

"Sometimes someone else would give the shot, sometimes we'd do it ourselves, whatever was fastest... You didn't have to be precise: arm, belly, anywhere would do."

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On a par with our own Dwayne Chambers - they would not have "confessed" if they hadn't been caught - how many more are there out there?!

As Chambers did to Great Britain, Lance Armstrong has brought shame to the USA - it will be difficult to give any credibility to any of their athletic achievements after this revelation.