Clare's law: how the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme works

Briefing Mon 26 Jan, AT 15:36

Abusive pasts of over 1,300 violent partners revealed under Clare's law – but is the law being applied fairly?

A ladyboy at a cabaret in Thailand

Third gender laws: Thailand to 'buck the biological binary'

Briefing Mon 19 Jan, AT 15:44

Thailand to recognise a third gender, as attitudes towards transgender and intersex people slowly shift

Syringes and bottles

Assisted dying: the pros and cons of the Lords bill

Briefing Thu 15 Jan, AT 15:39

Compassionate law-making or a charter for NHS 'death squads': the Assisted Dying Bill stirs debate

Anonymous man

Rape and anonymity: should suspects be named?

Talking Point Tue 6 Jan, AT 15:33

MP joins calls to extend anonymity to rape suspects, but campaigners say it will put women in danger

Grand jury: how it works and why it is used

Briefing Thu 4 Dec, AT 13:59

The decision not to indict two police officers has prompted widespread criticism of the grand jury system

Circumcision instruments

Male circumcision: US officials suggest benefits outweigh risks

One-Minute Read Wed 3 Dec, AT 13:40

New draft guidelines in US say male circumcision significantly reduces risk of HIV and other STDs

Google settles online abuse case out of court

One-Minute Read Mon 24 Nov, AT 11:32

Businessman Daniel Hegglin settles with Google over untrue posts labelling him a murderer and a paedophile

Armed policeman

Insurance companies face ban on paying terror ransoms

One-Minute Read Mon 24 Nov, AT 09:19

Police give schools and shoppers terrorism advice amid concerns over possible 'lone wolf' attack

UK passport

'Extremist' appeals against decision to strip him of UK citizenship

One-Minute Read Tue 18 Nov, AT 11:09

Man who allegedly received terrorist training in Yemen claims he has been illegally made 'stateless'

The European Court of Justice

EU ruling supports curbs on 'benefits tourism'

One-Minute Read Tue 11 Nov, AT 16:22

Downing Street welcomes European Court of Justice decision on Romanian woman living in Germany