European court accused of prompting Abu Qatada appeal

First Post Sun 22 Apr, AT 09:34

Anger as Home Office officials claim ECHR asked cleric if he was going to appeal deportation to Jordan

Murdochs to face Leveson as threat of US legal action grows

First Post Fri 20 Apr, AT 08:27

Inquiry sets aside three days to hear testimony from Rupert and James amid tightened security

Deadlines and deportations: what next in Qatada farce?

Briefing Thu 19 Apr, AT 10:27

Efforts to deport the radical cleric hinge on whether the Home Office got its dates right

Berners-Lee slams government snooping and warns Google

Summary Wed 18 Apr, AT 10:44

Plans to spy on internet use must be stopped; Google and Facebook might not be around forever

Abu Qatada

Abu Qatada arrested, but deportation could take months

One-Minute Read Tue 17 Apr, AT 16:00

Theresa May says Jordan has offered assurances that will allow cleric to be removed from UK

Louise Mensch

Troll threatens Louise Mensch: which child should die?

First Post Wed 11 Apr, AT 09:06

Internet troll found guilty of sending 'Sophie's Choice' email to MP after she suggested Twitter clampdown

Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza can be extradited - but ECHR isn't off the hook

First Reaction Tue 10 Apr, AT 13:09

Human rights court says five terrorism suspects can be sent to US, but critics still demand change

Internet snooping plans will 'inevitably' go wrong

First Reaction Tue 3 Apr, AT 08:34

Government plans to track email and phone usage under fire from Tory MPs and ‘snooping watchdog'

Divorce should be blameless, says top family judge

One-Minute Read Tue 27 Mar, AT 15:28

It is no longer necessary to demonstrate that you were the innocent party, says Sir Nicholas Wall

Briton sought by Portuguese over attempted murder – again

First Post Tue 20 Mar, AT 16:07

A man acquitted of attempting to murder a tourist 17 years ago faces a retrial