Troll threatens Louise Mensch: which child should die?

Apr 11, 2012

Internet troll found guilty of sending 'Sophie's Choice' email to MP after she suggested Twitter clampdown

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AN INTERNET troll from Gloucester has been found guilty of sending a threatening and abusive message to Louise Mensch. In the email, the Conservative MP was told to choose which of her children should die.

Frank Zimmerman first contacted Mensch in August last year via Twitter, telling her he had information about the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Riots had recently swept English cities and Mensch, an avid tweeter, had made headlines for saying that the police should be allowed to temporarily take down Twitter during periods of civil unrest.

Gloucester Magistrates Court heard that Mensch gave Zimmerman her personal email address, at which point he sent a highly threatening message, purportedly from the hacking collective Anonymous, with the subject line: 'You have been HACKED."

The email went on:

"Louise Mensch, nee Bagshawe, the slut of Twitter.

"We are Anonymous and we don't like rude c**** like you and your nouveau riche husband Peter Mensch. You have been hacked.

"We are inside your computer and all your phones, everywhere... and inside your homes. So get off Twitter.

"We see you are still on Twitter. We have sent a camera crew to photograph you and your kids and will post it all over the net, including Twitter. C***face.

"You now have a Sophie's Choice. Which kid is to go? One will, count on it c***."

Sophie's Choice is a novel in which the protagonist is forced to choose which of her children should die in a Nazi concentration camp.

Zimmerman, of Spinney Road, Barnwood, was convicted in his absence of sending by public communication network an offensive, indecent, obscene, menacing message or matter, the BBC reports.

The accused, who says he is agoraphobic, failed to turn up at court three times. His solicitor told the court yesterday that he would not be attending and had gone back to bed.

Mensch had earlier told the court in a statement: "I was in New York with my husband recovering from an operation and my children were with their father and to receive a threat like this made me very upset.

"I was 3,000 miles away from my children and I was worried for their safety and the safety of my ex-husband. I felt powerless to do anything."

The Tory MP says she has been advised not to comment on Zimmerman until he has been sentenced.

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Magistrates' court? Surely it was more serious  than that. 

Zimmerman seems clearly deranged even by Gloucester standards. ( I was born in Gloucester near the coney hill asylum so I should know) He lives not far from Barnwood House which pioneered lobotomy and ECT in Britain.