Margaret Thatcher

Robert Fox
05 Aug, 2013

With an inadequate Naval force, and little air cover, he experienced problems that persist today

02 Aug, 2013

Could the Chancellor's strike for investor freedom blow up in his face?

31 Jul, 2013

Former minister and George Osborne's father-in-law advocated drilling in region for shale gas

28 Jun, 2013

Press intrusion condemned by Makaziwe Mandela as Obama arrives in South Africa

21 Jun, 2013

Alternative Queen's Speech proposed by group of backbenchers - is it to embarrass Cameron?

19 Jun, 2013

Don't hold your breath for chancellor to adopt Tyrie report, which takes swipes at government 'interference'

09 May, 2013

Biographer Charles Moore reveals how Thatcher was advised not to admit publicly her EU exit thoughts

09 May, 2013

Backing for Nigel Lawson's call to quit EU as London mayor questions if UK would 'suffer' if it cut ties

01 May, 2013

Why did it take a member of Take That to remind us that popular music has lost touch with politics?

Margaret Thatcher funeral cost
18 Apr, 2013

St Paul's ceremony undisturbed by protesters - we Brits don't go in for 'shrieking at coffins'