Margaret Thatcher

17 Apr, 2013

Cameron risks propaganda charge – but there seems little doubt ten days of memories have helped Tories

16 Apr, 2013

Will we want Tony Blair to get a similar send-off? His claim to being a war leader is greater than Thatcher's

15 Apr, 2013

Aquascutum suits and signature black handbags will be displayed in Reagan-esque Library and Museum

12 Apr, 2013

It's significant that the PM and his family are spending the weekend 'chez Merkel', say analysts

12 Apr, 2013


Broadcaster's argument for playing anti-Thatcher song contradicts its history of censorship

12 Apr, 2013

Lord Hall faces 'first test' after anti-Thatcher campaigners push 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead' to the top of the chart