Margaret Thatcher funeral cost

Thatcher funeral costs: Hague defends taxpayer funding

One-Minute Read Wed 10 Apr, AT 13:22

Foreign Secretary intervenes as preparations for £10m 'Operation True Blue' intensify

Thatcher's death propels 'Ding Dong' song to No.1

One-Minute Read Wed 10 Apr, AT 12:08

Protesters opposed to 'eulogising' of former PM send Julie Garland's 1939 song racing up the charts


Some Labour MPs boycott Mrs T tribute - others aim to speak out

Wed 10 Apr, AT 10:32 The Mole

Tricky afternoon ahead: how do Labour MPs stay polite for Ed's sake when they remember Thatcher with fear and loathing?

Margaret Thatcher: feminist icon or sister without mercy?

Talking Point Tue 9 Apr, AT 16:20

Barack Obama holds up Thatcher as an example to his girls – yet what did she ever do for women?

Margaret Thatcher's legacy: her achievements and failures

Briefing Tue 9 Apr, AT 12:24

From financial deregulation to the right-to-buy scheme and the poll tax, Thatcher transformed the UK

Hillary Clinton for President! A timely boost from Thatcher?

Tue 9 Apr, AT 11:56 Charles Laurence

Political strategists and fundraisers already pushing for Hillary before this 'glass ceiling' reminder

Football will not mourn the death of 'arrogant' Thatcher

Talking Point Tue 9 Apr, AT 11:19

'The Iron Lady never cared much for the game, and the game never cared much for her'


Thatcher handbags Ed Miliband from beyond the grave

Tue 9 Apr, AT 10:35 The Mole

Problem for Labour's leader is that the Thatcher dissidents – Scargill, Kinnock, Hatton – sound like political pygmies

Alan Sugar Lord Sugar

Lord Sugar and business elite pay tribute to Thatcher

One-Minute Read Tue 9 Apr, AT 10:15

'She kick started the entrepreneurial revolution that allowed chippy chappies to succeed'