Margaret Thatcher

09 Apr, 2013

Political strategists and fundraisers already pushing for Hillary before this 'glass ceiling' reminder

09 Apr, 2013

'The Iron Lady never cared much for the game, and the game never cared much for her'

Alan Sugar Lord Sugar
09 Apr, 2013

'She kick started the entrepreneurial revolution that allowed chippy chappies to succeed'

09 Apr, 2013

Revellers in Glasgow and Brixton marked the former PM's passing with champagne, party hats and chants

Margaret Thatcher funeral cost
09 Apr, 2013

Death of the former prime minister brings glowing tributes - but also memories of division and suffering

08 Apr, 2013

Britain's first and only female PM was a 'great PM and great Briton' says David Cameron

02 Apr, 2013

Chancellor adopts new image to defend welfare reforms, but is it just a cynical political ploy?