Margaret Thatcher

22 Mar, 2013

Paying 'bribe' of $100,000 to families in disputed territory would avoid war, PM's aides recommended

04 Mar, 2013

Tax cuts and health care limits for Bulgarians mooted within 24 hours of PM's vow to keep to centre path

27 Feb, 2013

Why did Ed Miliband allow Labour, which is backed by many patriots, to pick O'Farrell for Eastleigh?

06 Feb, 2013

'David Cameron will not be vilified for this defining moment,' says Arnold – 'he will be celebrated'

27 Jan, 2013

Coalition revises 'politically correct' citizenship handbook - and cuts Tony Blair's entry to one paragraph

11 Jan, 2013

The campaign that has cost the Army 439 lives in Afghanistan was never endorsed by MPs

10 Jan, 2013

Privatising the probation service is not about cutting the deficit – it's a purely ideological coalition move

20 Nov, 2012

A council tax revaluation could hit seven million homes just before the next election. Bad idea

19 Nov, 2012

Ken Clarke and Ed Miliband speak up for Europe as all signs point to the Tories taking a populist right turn

09 Nov, 2012

Press statement issued by Lord McAlpine