FTSE 6,000 points euphoria masks big worries about US

Brief Thu 3 Jan, AT 09:30

US 'fiscal cliff' deal provides no basis for a meaningful improvement in debt ratios, says Moody's

BIS: World faces another asset bubble

Brief Mon 10 Dec, AT 09:41

BIS warns that global economy is facing another asset price bubble

Fiscal cliff looms for Obama

One-Minute Read Wed 7 Nov, AT 11:36

Asians markets rise but dollar falls following Obama's win

Price of gold up 14 per cent to nearly $1,800 an ounce

Business Digest Fri 5 Oct, AT 15:34

Investors purchased 85.4 metric tonnes of gold in September, the most since July last year

Ahmadinejad nuclear press conference

Iran currency crisis: riot police attack Tehran protestors

First Post Wed 3 Oct, AT 13:07

Ahmadinejad blames foreign enemies for domestic turmoil as merchants protest against regime

A trader watches the Dow Jones break the 10,000 mark

US markets rise as report shows growth in manufacturing

Business Digest Tue 2 Oct, AT 12:00

‘Unquestionably positive’ report shows America’s manufacturing index rose to 51.5 last month

China trade chief calls for Japan bond attack

Business Digest Thu 20 Sep, AT 13:38

Senior adviser to Chinese government calls for financial action over Senkaku/ Diaoyu islands dispute

US, Europe and Japan stimuli spark currency devaluation domino

First Post Thu 20 Sep, AT 07:22

Quantitative easing by major central banks is forcing other countries to take action to hold down the value of their currencies

traders on the Brazilian stock kexchange

Markets await US Fed stimulus decision

Business Digest Thu 13 Sep, AT 08:27

Economists put the odds of a third round of bond buying by the Federal Reserve at 65 per cent